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Exposing one’s mess is a bit like being naked in a room full of strangers. You think you will be sized up for all your shortcomings: the size for your mess, the lack of accountability, the piles of useless crap you’ve been holding on too and the numerous attempts you’ve made to “get clean” yourself.That’s how I felt when I had Adele come into my office for the very first time. After years of hopeful attempts and inevitable failures at creating and sticking to a system to get things organized I was feeling tired and guilty so I hired Chaos to Clarity to put me on the right track. Once we started working together my guilt started to dissipate and I learned that many very successful people struggled with this very same problem…I felt heard and accepted. Guided with patience and professionalism the solution Adele designed for me fit perfectly! Hiring Chaos to Clarity changed my personal life and helped my business prosper! 

Anita /Oakville




I am in the midst of moving some furniture around as you had suggested as well some other ideas you had....... YOU HAVE A GIFT!!!!!!! I can't tell you what a difference it has made in opening up a room with more calmness and space. I guess it is an objective eye that can come in and see things from a different perspective. Thank you very much, I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to create a more peaceful environment.




Wendy /Burlington



 Thanks Adele.  You were just amazing!  You can use us anytime as a reference if you ever need one.  And we will be contacting you to come and do the ultimate packing as the time for the move gets closer.

Stewart and Zelda Mae/ Burlington



Adele and her team delivered outstanding results and helped me save time and energy so I could be more productive in my business, instead of being mired down in the details of an overwhelming project. 


I highly recommend Adele (Chaos to Clarity) for anyone who is seeking a professional organizer, as well as to those who are not, because they're in denial they would benefit from partnering with one. :-) 




Heidi Ram 
Heidi Ram Photography"




My space is terrific!! Last week I walked around the "circle" saying "WOW" over and over.  It really is unbelievable. Thank you


.Eleanore / Burlington


I was referred to Adele by my coach.  I needed to get my office organized because I found that I was wasting a lot of time looking for things and it was becoming very frustrating.  I liked the flexibility she allowed me with the time as well as the cost.  She organized my office according to my personal preferences and I find that I am more effective with my time since I know where everything is now.

Thanks Adele for making my life more enjoyable and less frustrating.  I highly recommend Adele to everyone who wants to be more organized and wants to get more out of life then shuffling papers around.

Joan/ Mississauga


Adele really picked up on my personal needs.  I run my own business out of my home and find it hard to keep my business life separate from my personal.  She helped to get me organized and taught me how to stay organized.  I am constantly recommending her to friends and family.

Juliette/Owner Juliettes' Place



 Thank you so much for all the hard work! This project wouldn't have been possible without you.  Your management style was inspiring to the entire team and your organizational skills impeccable.  You were the glue of the project.  Your positive and "can do" attitude helped me and the entire team through some pretty tough times.



      Compassionate   Creative   Committed