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We have hired Adele Lapointe, owner and operator of Chaos to Clarity, to work alongside many of our clients as they prepare themselves for their move. There are many qualified organizers willing to step into this role, yet we have found Adele’s temperament a perfect fit, especially for our senior clients. Most often time is a factor, and Adele has always responded to our sense of urgency. She listens actively, offers non-judgmental assessments, utilizes the creative skills necessary in this role, makes no assumptions as to what our clients keep vs. items no longer needed, and once decided she has stayed with the process until items have been donated or discarded. We would not hesitate to recommend Adele Lapointe and her team!

Robert Christopher Team

Keller Williams Edge Realty

Burlington, ON



It Is What It Is...Lets Move Forward

Posted 3/5/2020



 Why is being disorganized still so taboo?  Your house gets dirty, you clean it. You get busy, or you just don’t want to do it, so you hire someone to do it for you.  So why do people think that they can leave a disorganized space and get to it later? Just like a dirty house, if you leave it, it just gets dirtier.  

Being a small business owner I get to do a lot of networking with other small business owners.  At one of these meetings we were sharing how we could collaborate and bring our expertise together to help others and their needs and when I mentioned that helping with their physical space is just as important there was a second of silence and then someone said: “oh yea forgot about that”. Your physical space also plays an important role in your business.

Most small business owners will admit when they need help with different areas of their business.  They will freely share that their finances are not managed well, bookkeeping is behind, they can’t decide on how to market or that they are too busy to spend the time with social media.  There is a lot of advice out there so they turn to people who are experts at these things. But they still have a hard time admitting, out loud, that they could be more organized in a part of their business or home but feel that “I should be able to do this myself”, or a spouse or partner tells them to “just get it done”. 

Here are two reasons why an organized physical space is important in your office to help you be more productive;

  1. Fewer Distractions: When you are in your office and working on what you love to do it is hard to keep focused if there is clutter around.  Most of the time that clutter can hold things that you know you should have done but don’t have time to do, which distracts you and keeps you unfocused. If you are constantly trying to refocus on your task it can cause you to be stressed and make mistakes.

  2. Less Procrastination: If you are working on something you find difficult or dread doing, then the clutter becomes an excuse. “If I can just organize this space then I will feel more like doing that”.  You then lose time, your deadline becomes closer and, let’s be honest, going through the clutter can be stressful. 

When I go to meet a client for the first time, I like to meet them in their space, hear why they called me and what they want to accomplish.  Most are embarrassed or feel guilty that their space became the way it has. It is important to acknowledge why it got that way, but not to dwell on it.  If you are at that point where you need to declutter and want to get more organized, say to yourself,” it is what it is” and be proud of yourself that you made the decision to move forward to get organized.   

Chaos to Clarity helps their clients with individual organizing needs; Downsizing, decluttering, office organizing, estate clear-outs and move management in the Halton, Hamilton, Peel and surrounding areas.  Have questions? Contact us at 

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