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We have hired Adele Lapointe, owner and operator of Chaos to Clarity, to work alongside many of our clients as they prepare themselves for their move. There are many qualified organizers willing to step into this role, yet we have found Adele’s temperament a perfect fit, especially for our senior clients. Most often time is a factor, and Adele has always responded to our sense of urgency. She listens actively, offers non-judgmental assessments, utilizes the creative skills necessary in this role, makes no assumptions as to what our clients keep vs. items no longer needed, and once decided she has stayed with the process until items have been donated or discarded. We would not hesitate to recommend Adele Lapointe and her team!

Robert Christopher Team

Keller Williams Edge Realty

Burlington, ON




Posted 4/8/2019


Some of us spend hours in our office and others have a job that takes them outside of their office for most of the day.  Whether your office is in your home or in an office building we do have to spend time there.  As a Professional Organizer, I have helped many clients organize their offices and I have had people confess that they would spend more time in their office but they just don’t like being in it.  You want your office to be a place that you can feel comfortable and productive.   There are many good tips on how to organize your stuff but one thing people forget to spend time on is how important the environment of our space is.

Here are 5 tips to help you get your office space refreshed for spring:

1)      Remove unrelated clutter:  When I enter a client’s office for the first time I notice things that do not relate to their business;  toys, magazines, clothing, food, tools, cleaning supplies and I could go on.  A lot of time this happens when we have something that does not have a home we say “Just put it in the office for now and I will deal with it later”.   My advice is to take a basket or bin and go around your office removing anything that does not pertain to what you want your office function to be.  Find homes for them so they do not end up back in your office.

2)      Let the light in:  If you are lucky enough to have windows in your office give them a good cleaning. If you have piles of items or paper in front of your windows, find a home for them and let the natural light in.  If you don’t have windows to let natural light in, how is the lighting in your office?  Are you able to change your lighting?  If not add lamps with lighting that replicates natural light.

3)      Space planning: How is your furniture placement? Do you feel things flow in your office?  Do you like where your desk is placed? I have had clients, not like their office but not sure why.  When discussing it they start to verbalize reasons like, having their back to their door bothers them, or they wish they were able to look outside the window, but some find looking out the window is a distraction. Tell yourself what it is you like and what makes you comfortable in your office and what it is that you need to change to have it that way.

4)      Add something new:  Is there a picture, painting or decorative item that makes you smile, brings you a good feeling.  Sometimes adding a plant or flowers can make a difference.  Whatever it is, find something to place in your office that when you enter your office it makes you feel you want to be there. 

5)      Motivated for a big change? How about a new paint colour or some new office furniture?  Different colours can bring different feelings, memories etc.  What is your colour(s) that makes you feel good?  If you are in a space that you do not have control of the colour of your walls, blend in product or pictures that can bring that colour(s) into your space.  Desks are like any other piece of furniture.  You should like it, be comfortable and be functional.


Whatever work you do in your office, take a few minutes to look at your space and decide if doing one or more of these tips will make a difference.  If so, you will find when you enjoy your environment it will help your productivity and creativity. 

Feel refreshed by refreshing your space.