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We have hired Adele Lapointe, owner and operator of Chaos to Clarity, to work alongside many of our clients as they prepare themselves for their move. There are many qualified organizers willing to step into this role, yet we have found Adele’s temperament a perfect fit, especially for our senior clients. Most often time is a factor, and Adele has always responded to our sense of urgency. She listens actively, offers non-judgmental assessments, utilizes the creative skills necessary in this role, makes no assumptions as to what our clients keep vs. items no longer needed, and once decided she has stayed with the process until items have been donated or discarded. We would not hesitate to recommend Adele Lapointe and her team!

Robert Christopher Team

Keller Williams Edge Realty

Burlington, ON




Posted 2/10/2020


Thinking of getting that one space that has gotten out of control with clutter organized, and the chaos gone? This is an exciting feeling.  There are a lot of good resources to help you learn how to declutter.  Whether you are decluttering your home or office the process can be very similar.  When I am invited into my client’s homes they are usually overwhelmed with their clutter and need someone objective to come alongside them and help with the process.  One thing we are good at as Organizers is to come in with a plan and eagerness to get it done.  The challenge begins when our client is not as comfortable with the process, is easily distracted, and needs to be refocused back to the task.


For those of you that are motivated to doing it yourself, here are some suggestions to keep in mind that can keep you on task so you don’t get discouraged and make the project take longer than planned.  

1) DO NOT PROCRASTINATE:  Before you start, create a plan on what you need to do and a vision of what you would like it to be when completed.  Once you have your plan, break it down to more than one session, schedule it and just start.

2) DO NOT TRY AND GET IT DONE ALL IN ONE SESSION:  Work your plan and remember that decluttering can take longer than you originally thought, as there can be distractions that you did not anticipate. Examples are photos or memorabilia that you forgot you had.  I would break it up into a few sessions so that you don’t get discouraged and you can enjoy seeing the progress.

3) DO NOT GET DISTRACTED BY THINGS THAT DON’T BELONG: When helping clients go through their stuff we usually come across things that do not belong in that space.  I have a bin or box that says “does not belong”. This is where we put in the box and deal with it later.  One of the things that distract clients is that they feel like they have to stop and bring it to the room where it should belong, which takes time and almost always gets them unfocused and distracted by other things along the way.

 4) DO NOT STOP IF NOT A DEFINITE YES OR NO:  When I first start a project what I like to do is what I call a “quicksort”.  This is where I sort things in like piles/bins (books, papers, supplies, etc).  I also have a garbage bag, recycle bag, a “not in here” bin and a “not sure bin”.  When you pick up an item you immediately identify which container/pile it should go in.  If you are not sure, then put it in that bin and decide later. 

5) DO NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF:  If you are finding the process hard don’t get discouraged! It can be a very overwhelming process for some.  If you feel you just can’t get it done by yourself then invite a friend, family member.  Just remember that that person working with you should be someone you trust and is not judgemental.



Chaos to Clarity helps their clients with their organizing needs; downsizing, decluttering, office organizing, move management in the Halton, Hamilton, Peel and surrounding areas.  Have questions? contact us at 

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